Production and services

Our production isn't defined by volumes, but highlighted by the technicalness of our products, thus achieving diverse effects where industrial coatings and decorations are concerned. As a definition, our production is strictly linked to specific customer needs and not to retail. Of course it does not mean that we are unable to offer ordinary products, but these will be at almost, at the same price/ quality range as other top level similar products. The motivation behind this choice is extremely clear: the raw materials' quality and the complexity of the international licensed manufacturing formulations.
Today, our company offers modern and complete coating solutions for the following surface categories:

  • PVC or other plastic masses
  • Glass or ceramics
  • Natural or synthetic leather
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous metal:
  1. The automotive industry
  2. Naval industry
  3. Railway industry
  4. Aviation industry
  • Concrete and asphalt
  • Sturdy wood, veneer wood and stratified wood
  • Composite materials based on wood essences
  • Composite materials based on non-ferrous or synthetic materials
  • Surfaces that demand special protection (anti-corrosive, fireproof and/or thermo-foaming, in immersion)




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