Stained glass works are decorative compositions made up of pieces of colored glass, laid asymmetrically or symmetrically, connected through strips of lead and bound by metal rods to the door or the frame of the window.


Stained glass can be mounted in wood doors, no matter if they are made for interior or exterior use. The state-of-the-art coating and industrial decoration technology allows the realization of stained glass by using safety glass polymer thread that replaces the traditional lead strip, followed by a similar coloring process.




The polymer wire application is done by means of a numerical controlled machine that can virtually reproduce any vector graphic image. At present, we have a wide range of over 4,500 models designed for various applications: for glass doors, furniture doors, windows, sliding doors, glass partition walls, railings, kitchen counter-tops, shower rooms, ceilings, illuminators, etc. The polymer thread comes in a sufficiently wide color variety - transparent, black, chromed, silver, gold etc.

This execution method enables a limitless range of models. We can replicate any RAL color, any image and any artistic composition. Painted surfaces are resistant to scratching, ultraviolet radiation can be washed, can be inserted into a double glazing and all of this can be executed in a relative short time.

Our newest product is the mirror effect paint which can be applied both on safety glass as well as on Plexiglas surfaces. The ingenuity of this product is the fact that it can be used on any safety glass and the mirror can have different chromatic shades, not only the classical silver color.



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