CERAMIC MICROSPHERES - the energy saving solution


Launched in 1996 by the Tech Traders, through the NASA Exchange Program, this solution is a mixture of ceramic microspheres with average diameters ranging between 10-150 microns designed by applying nanotechnology. If added in paint, the ceramic microspheres form a radiant barrier and slow down the heat transfer to the exterior through the surface, while also having fireproof properties.

In the stains, lacquers and paints industry, the ceramic microspheres paint can be used for concrete, brick, gypsum board masonry, both in interior, as well as exterior surfaces.

Through extensive testing, ceramic microspheres paint has demonstrated its effectiveness in both reducing heat loss in the winter and overheating protection for walls during summer.



                            Without ceramic nanospheres                           with ceramic nanospheres


Applied on the building's exterior, vacuum ceramic microspheres transform the paint's properties into a thermal barrier reflecting solar heat waves, reducing the heat degree of the building. It drastically reduces electricity consumption for air conditioning installations, their use being required only under extreme conditions.




                           Without ceramic nanospheres                               with ceramic nanospheres




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